Velador Associates are data scientists. We provide organisations with bespoke data solutions that help to reduce cost and maximise return.

We investigate, analyse and optimise your data to add real value to your organisation.

We apply our extensive expertise to extract value from your data, streamlining processes, to empower your growth.


We solve problems with data solutions, from financial litigation, where we are a world leader, to medical research.

Velador provides cross-vertical expertise, leveraging our exceptional team of data scientists, quantitative analysts and industry experts.

Working with Velador is to be in partnership. Our scalable, cloud-based remote server environment gives you and your team integrated, instant access to your project.

No matter how large and complex the data challenge, Velador has the capacity, Velador is by your side.


 We get the most out of your investment with data

At Velador we make sure our clients become data-efficient.


We live in a digital age. The amount of data created grows every day, making data science an increasingly essential asset for any organisation.

Data offers endless insights into every conceivable facet of the organisation – potentially.

Wondering how data can enrich your organisation?

Discover what we can do for you