A Family Foundation

Velador Associates Forensic and Fraud Investigations team acted on behalf of a large family foundation. We use complex visualization techniques to identify patterns in payments between hundreds of legal entities. We traced flow of funds and ownership, to build a picture of where donations were being directed and the identities of the ultimate beneficiaries.

Foreign Exchange ‘Last Look’

Velador Associates Financial Litigation Support team assisted the plaintiff in this case from pre-action preparation to claims processing and planning of distribution. Our Large Scale Data Analysis team cleaned and analysed in excess of 300 gigabytes of data. Their intimate knowledge of the ‘last look’ process helped to expedite the litigation process.

Foreign Exchange Benchmarks

Velador Associates Large Scale Data Analysis team succeeded in analyzing more than 11 terabytes of transaction data provided in multiple formats. They wrote machine learning based programmes to identify anomalies in more than three billion lines of data. Our industry experts complimented the process by reviewing millions of transcript documents and chat room logs.

Libor-Based Financial Instruments

Velador Associates Large Scale Data Analysis team reviewed US$ LIBOR related money-market transaction data to identify evidence of unilateral and collusive manipulation. After an intensive review, we were able to show that a statistically significant number of the LIBOR submissions were anomalous. Our expert report was delivered in six weeks from start to finish.