Financial Litigation Support

Velador Associates combine excellence in data science with financial market expertise to deliver litigation support in financial misconduct and fraud cases. We are able to address the widest possible range of client requirements. Our team of data scientists, consulting and testifying experts, has worked from case origination, through complaint and deposition to final settlement and distribution.

In addition to our experienced in-house team of industry veterans, Velador has access to a vast network of senior financial market and finance specialists, with expertise across multiple asset classes and jurisdictions. This enables us to undertake a broad international array of potential litigation work.

Large Scale Data Analysis

Velador Associates specialises in big data analytics, not only in relation to financial markets, but in many other business sectors. Our team of quantitative specialists has current, first-hand experience in dealing with some of the world’s largest data projects.

In order to support our data scientists, we have created a scalable cloud based remote server environment. This enables us to expand our computing power to meet any data requirement, no matter how large.

Forensic and Fraud Investigations

Searching for patterns in large scale transaction data presents a considerable challenge to many organisations. Visualising transaction flows can elucidate patterns which are not evident in the usual course of business.

Velador Associates provides a complete solution for our clients. We bring together many years of practitioner experience with deep knowledge of a broad spectrum of global markets, sectors and instruments. Our investigations team specialise in identifying patterns in transaction data. We utilise industry leading technology, supplemented by our own bespoke software, to visualise complex transaction flows and ecosystems. We can also carry out physical surveillance in the quest to identify instances of collusion and fraud.

Transaction Optimisation and Cost Analysis

At Velador Associates we combine excellence in data science with a deep understanding of financial market micro-structure. Not only can we perform Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) we can also advise on methods of improving execution processes.

Transaction optimisation should be a central tenet of an asset managers service. For many institutions it is a fiduciary duty. Our unique combination of data science skills and industry expertise, allows Velador Associates to advise on ‘best execution’ and, where market liquidity is fragmented, ‘optimal execution’ strategies. We can help you implement processes and establish a code of best practice across the widest range of financial markets.